About ToyShala

ToyShala is a toy library situated in Pune where kids can enjoy a wide variety of clean, sanitized toys and books with minimal monthly fees.

They can exchange their toys/books every week i.e. they can exchange it 4 times in a month. This way the kids can be kept engaged and also parents can avoid cluttering of toys at home and also contribute to save our mother earth from plastic waste. We have a large variety of toys and books for you to explore. We have educational as well as entertaining toys, puzzles, ride-ons , building blocks and lots of variety for you to choose from. A vast collection of Books ranging from fantasies to educational, touch-n-feel, Child Crafts and so can be explored.

Why ToyShala?

Play is required for better learning and development of Children. Borrowing teaches children to share and be considerate. We at ToyShala help children for more and more development both intellectually and physically in their own safer environments.

Children here are encouraged to try toys that will challenge their strengths and encourage their different skills and yes, that too with fun.